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KBW Remembers 9/11


September 11, 2001 forever changed our country, our industry, and our organization. Today, we pay special tribute to 67 KBW associates who died in the World Trade Center that day and reflect on the incredible legacy they left behind. As KBW CEO Tom Michaud explains, "the story of 9/11 isn't over, the chapters just keep getting turned."

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The events of September 11, 2001, tragically affected our nation and our firm. Our headquarters in the World Trade Center was destroyed and 67 KBW employees lost their lives. We are forever grateful for the service they gave, the friendship they shared with us, and the example they set for us.

KBW has made it a priority to assist the families impacted through the KBW Family Fund. We are thankful for the wonderful support we have received from colleagues, clients, and friends of the firm over the years.

KBW would like to recognize the following partners and organizations that have honored the victims and families affected by the events of 9/11.

KBW Participates in the 9/11 National Day of Service

Family 1
Family 2
Family 3
Family 4
Family 5
Family 6
Family 7
Family 8
Family 9
Maria Rose Abad
Joao A. Aguiar Jr.
David S. Berry
Joseph J. Berry
Jeffrey Bittner
Krystine Bordenabe
Nicholas W. Brandemarti
David O. Campbell
Kevin N. Colbert
Don A. Delapenha
Debra A. Di Martino
Jacqueline Donovan
Frank J. Doyle
Christopher M. Duffy
Michael J. Duffy
Dean P. Eberling
Bradley J. Fetchet
Jeffrey L. Fox
William R. Godshalk
David Graifman
Mary Lou Hague
Frances Haros
Kris R. Hughes
Scott M. Johnson
Don J. Kauth
Karol Keasler
L. Russell Keene III
Lisa M. King-Johnson
Vanessa L. Kolpak
Jeannine Laverde
Joseph A. Lenihan
Adam J. Lewis
Mark G. Ludvigsen
Sean T. Lugano
Michael P. McDonnell
Daniel F. McGinley
Lindsay S. Morehouse
Stephen V. Mulderry
Christopher William Murphy
Keith K. O'Connor
Marni Pont O'Doherty
Philip Ognibene
Cira Marie Patti
Michael J. Pescherine
Jim Reilly
Joseph Roberto
Ronald J. Ruben
John J. Ryan
Muriel F. Siskopoulos
Paul K. Sloan
Gregory T. Spagnoletti
Derek J. Statkevicus
Craig W. Staub
Derek O. Sword
Kevin T. Szocik
Thomas F. Theurkauf, Jr.
Eric R. (Rick) Thorpe
Nichola A. Thorpe
Gregory J. Trost
Bradley H. Vadas
Joseph G. Visciano
Jean Marie Wallendorf
James T. Waters
David H. Winton
Brent J. Woodall
Richard H. Woodwell
John Bentley Works

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