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KBW's Mutual Conversions Department provides the full range of investment banking services necessary to take a mutual thrift through the conversion process to a public company. Our services include education, planning and facilitation, all computer processing, execution of the sale of stock to the bank's customers, tabulation of proxy votes for depositor approval, and robust aftermarket support as a primary market maker for the new issue. The stock sale process is completed by KBW representatives either onsite at the bank or in a centralized processing center. Additionally, we have committed significant resources to the development of proprietary software to facilitate the process.

We sustain long-term client relationships in order to begin the education process well in advance of a client's decision to proceed with a conversion. Subsequent to a successful offering, we advise clients regarding capital management strategies and growth opportunities.

Since 1992, KBW has been the No. 1 ranked conversion advisor based on both capital raised and number of transactions, having completed over 330 transactions and raising nearly $26 billion.

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Transaction Listing (more)

1/9/2019 1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin, Inc. MHC Conversion $21.5
7/12/2018 Mid-Southern Bancorp, Inc. Second Step Conversion $25.6
1/26/2018 SSB Bancorp, Inc. MHC Conversion $10.1
7/21/2017 Eagle Financial Bancorp, Inc. Standard Conversion $15.7
1/11/2017 Community Savings Bancorp, Inc. Standard Conversion $4.4
10/12/2016 Bancorp 34, Inc. Second Step Conversion $18.8